Website Intro - this style of video introduces the website and tells a about the products or services the website provides.

Explainer videos - this style explains how something works. A product, a service or how to use the website, or the steps the customer can expect when a service is provided.

Training videos with quizzes and certification - These videos are followed by a quiz. When the user passes the quiz they get a certificate. For information on how it works and pricing call us at 800-676-1567.

Video Ads - for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. This style quickly tells about your product or service and how to buy it. Our videos are perfect for Facebook ads because Facebook starts the video without sound, and our videos have headlines in each scene so the viewer doesn't miss anything while the sound is off.

Email Signatures - This is a specialty video. It is produced very small, usually 320 x 180 and is very short, usually 5 to 10 seconds. Then it is converted to a format that works in HTML email. Call for details.



You have many choices. You can upload your video to your YouTube channel and embed it on your website. Or you can have us host it on our YouTube channel and still embed it on your website. Or if you prefer we can host it for you on one of our CDN accounts with either Akamai or Amazon and you can embed it on your website that way. Each option has it's advantages and disadvantages. We can discuss those with you and help you decide what it best for you, just give us a call.



Do you need a website? Or maybe you need a "New" website. We can solve that problem for you. We have been building websites since 1996. Give us a call.